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Private Schools vs. Government Schools: Which One Would be Right for Your Child?

Children need more than just play for proper intellectual and physical development. It is critical for child to engage in a variety of non-academic activities when in school. It is during the early years of a child when his brain fully develops. For this reason, it is important to enroll your child in the right early education institution.

Private schools have multiple benefits, including:

Teachers Provide Personal Attention
Studies have shown that students that are taught in small classes excel better than those in large classes. The main reason for the excellence in academic performance is due to the individual attention they get from their teachers.

Before selecting a school, it is important to find out about the student to teacher ratio in the classes. Generally, private schools employ more teachers than government schools. This is why the teacher-student ratio in private schools is usually low.

Specialized Teachers
You are more likely to find private schools with special education teachers than government schools. The early years of a child provide his first experience of being away from home. The new experience can lead to social issues, which can contribute to learning difficulties. It is important to ensure your child has proper support during the formative learning years. Private schools have qualified instructors that will help your child with the learning challenges he may have.

Flexible Curriculum and Choice
government schools are not as flexible with their curricular like private schools. When you enroll your child in a private school, you will have various choices with regards to special needs, religion or education focus for the child. Moreover, the schools also have a variety of extracurricular activities for the pupils. The activities help to nurture your child to be a well-rounded individual.

Values and Culture of the School
When you are looking for a school to enroll your child into, you need to consider more than academics. You should research the school’s values and its culture. Ideally, you want the value and culture of the school to align with you and your child. For instance, people who are religious may want a school that focuses on religious teaching of their kids.

However, keep in mind that not all private schools may be a good fit for your child in terms of value and cultures. This is why you should not ignore carrying out research on any school you would like to take our child to.

There is no shortage of early education should where you can take your child. However, private schools are more likely to help your child develop both physically and intellectually than government schools.

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