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Verses in Bible and Interpretations

I will start with the shortest verse in the bible that talks about the weeping of Jesus Christ. The death of Lazarus made her sister weep and Jesus wept together with them. Verses in bible and interpretations. Jesus wept because he knew that the same tomb will be a place of his rest soon than those who were moaning Lazarus death could not expect.

Jesus knew the same place of death was awaiting and it was also disturbing to him. The other thing is that Jesus used to take the emotion of the people who were around him. He moaned with those who could be crying, enjoy with those who had joy and take burdens of those who could be burdened.

The next bible verse I would like to discuss about is that of Jesus death on the cross, and his words to Heavenly Father about him and the world. From this verse, Jesus noticed the reason of been alone away from his Father for the will of God to happen. His Fathers will be to take save the world by giving His son to die on the cross for the sin of the world. This verse shows God was doing what was heavenly planed. The verses in this chapter show us the tremendous heavenly glory is paying evil with good This verses also show the dark human part of life. Mathew 27 is the chapter holding the verses of all these lessons.

The below verses explains more about the life after death. There is life after death that will be enjoyed in a different body. The verse tells us the same bridge that Jesus went through will be part of us too. The Explanation of the paradise life is in this verses. He promised to those who witnessed his resurrection that he is rising to go in His Father’s place to prepare a place for all believers.He promised a home to every person who will follow his commands after believing in Him. This Verses are found in chapters of the Mathew 28 booklet. The deeper verses are also found in the book of Mark chapter 16.

All works of darkness comes from the evil ones who devil is the leader and organizer of the world patterns. As we all know the world will always fall what is good and destroy it to fit in its darkness,we also know what is bad and dark is from whoever bare darkness. The life of evil ones will be stilling ,distracting and destroying after use in their own benefits. Devil will not produce product from his own knowledge but he will kidnap God’s good creation to use in his evil works of destruction. Life from him will be attracting before he plan a way of destroying it to the glory of his works. The life of many will be in trouble when devil will be wanting his pay back and that’s where many lose all they have or even life. All this will be found in the book of John 10 from verse 10. The Father of evil is Satan.

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