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Merits of Using Video Conference.

Illustrations in films are more convincing than words. In many different occasions, a video conference is way better than a telephone call. For example, an individual may need to show illustration to his global sale when he introduces fresh product in the industry, or solve a problem with his customers that entail the sharing of data. Logically, more convinced is one who during a discussion, have a glance rather than oral demonstration in the case of audio conference, as it is effective and more meaningful. Explained below are some of the primary benefits of using video conference in the context of dialogue with customer, value-added resellers, and analysts.
Travelling cost is saved. The idea of being in many places at the same time without leaving the workplace is the new idea and a driver to business productivity. With the help of a face to face conversation with the customers, colleges or partners, one can never be replaced. Besides, video conferencing has added advantage of its availability, huge leap in quality and easy to use. Video conferencing save in cost as it is way cheaper as compared to the cost incurred during the annual trips, together with the associated costs.

Productivity among team members and customers is also increased. International businesses in today’s market tend to have satellite offices in every part of the country or even the entire globe. Emails, instant messages, and phone calls are the traditional method of communication in these offices. Since there is no face to face communication between these people, there can result in misunderstanding, or to a greater extent a nonexistent or lost communication. With the help of video conference, these people are likely to focus on the topic of discussion hence improving productivity.
Enhances good communication and relation. It is easy to read participant facial expression and body language during video conference, thereby collaboration is more efficient and faster. These important aspects of communication can be lost when verbal phone calls are employed. There is a feeling of attachment to the employees when their manager uses a video conference to communicate to them. From the comfort at home or your desktop computer, one can easily do things that would require expensive and time-consuming travels.

It provided an added advantage over the competitors. It is needless to come second when introducing a new product in the market. Video conferencing helps businesses to have an added advantage. More informed are teams who use video conferencing, as it is faster. There is a reduction in time needed to introduce a new product in the market. Support department develop a more personal relationship with their customers when they use video conference.

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